Wisehubby and I had been TTC for a while and, on a hunch, discovered his severe male factor infertility--basically, he has an army of mutant sperm. I'm also mutant; I have a clotting disorder: Factor V. We were on the IVF with ICSI track, and I gave birth to a beautiful boy after IVF #2. We've tried varicocele repair, too--ugh. Our frozen embyro transfer ended in miscarriage at 9 weeks 1 day. We don't know where the quest will take us from here.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Thirteen Weeks and Trucking

I keep hearing a few things from mommy friends of mine over and over again, so I'll address them topically.

(1) There is nothing like hearing the heartbeat for the first time. We got to hear Ace for the first time today! They didn't play audio of the heartbeat at seven weeks, so though we got to see the heart beating a mile a minute, there was something new to do today at the OB's. That was a good thing; Wisehubby is not very happy that we're no longer on the punctual schedule of the Fertility Clinic. I'm pretty sure he would have yelled had he not had the promise of hearing Ace's beating heart.

I'll be honest, I had a niggling fear that my belly was growing, but Ace's heart had quite beating. Luckily, that was put to rest promptly by the nurse finding Ace's heart beat loud, clear, and strong quickly and efficiently. Her little heart was beating 148, which is fantastic. I will say that we were much more emotional and happy when we got to see her little heart beating at 7 weeks, but I think that is an unusual experience that can be chalked up to being infertility survivors.

(2) Remember: You're not eating for two! I'll be honest that this admonishment seems a little insulting to my ability to comprehend fetal growth. I'll also be honest and say that this perceived insult may be heightened by my more intense emotional response thanks to sweet Ace and her accompanying hormones.

To that end, I am happy to report that I was 165 going into the IVF cycle in September, and from my experience, I tend to gain about 5 pounds of fertility weight during a cycle. The hormones and physical fatigue take a major toll on your body. So, I was not surprised when I weighed in at 170 at seven weeks. Today, I weighed in at 171 at thirteen weeks. So, depending on whether you're counting my IVF weight gain as a part of my first trimester weight gain or not, I either have gained 1-6 points. From what I've read, you're supposed to gain 1-5 pounds. All things considered, I'm feeling pretty smug about my ability to eat appropriately for my baby and avoid binging for fun on fatty and sugary foods.

(3) Try wearing a rubber band to make your pants fit. I'm sorry, but I teach fourteen year old horn dogs all day, so I don't feel walking around with my pants unzipped is a viable option. I have switched to wearing only pants with elastic waist bands. It means that I've only got two pairs of pants right now that are appropriate for work and the current weather, but I'm hoping my order of maternity leggings comes in soon so that I can wear some of my dresses. Unfortunately, most of my tights and leggings are no longer comfortable either. My uterus is huge and has popped out into a cute little bump, which makes me happy, but my pants no good.